Why is the water pressure in my home important?

Water pressure in your home should be constant and set to a range of 50-70 PSI(Pounds per square inch).  The water pressure is important to consider for not only usage, but also pipe maintenance, appliance maintenance and water heaters. 

The number one cause of excessively high/low water pressure in a home on municipal water is a faulty Pressure Reducing Valve(PRV).  For homes using a well, the number one cause for high/low water pressure is a faulty well pump or switch.

Continued water pressure that is too high/low for the home can start as simple issues but can turn detrimental rather quickly. 

Signs of high pressure include, hammering water lines, premature aging of appliances and plumbing fixtures and pressure differences within the home. Once your pipes have been worn down by high pressure, a leak can happen at any time.  Correcting the water pressure will extend the life of your appliances and your pipes.

Toilets, shower valves and appliances need a set range of constant water pressure so that they will work as intended.  Corroded/clogged pipes, leaks within the home or more towards the meter can present themselves as low water pressure in the home.  Again, water pressure presents either a problem that has already occurred or that can occur soon if not inspected and fixed properly.

High pressure or low pressure, both issues can be fixed in most cases very quickly and easily by replacing the homes Pressure Reducing Valve(PRV) or well pump/switch.