Should You Repair or Replace Your Toilet?

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Toilets tend to go unnoticed when they’re working properly, but when something goes wrong, addressing that problem becomes number one on the To Do list fast.

But does that clog, leak or crack require a repair or a replacement? Here are some tips to guide you.

Time to Repair

Clogged Toilet—in many cases, a clogged toilet can be fixed, either by you or by your local plumber without the need to replace. First, try a using plunger to remove the clog (being sure to cover the entire plunger underwater to increase suction pressure). If that doesn’t work, use a plumbing snake to pull the clog out. If that doesn’t get things moving, contact your plumber, who will have more extensive equipment to remove the clog.  Don’t use harsh drain opener chemicals because they can cause pipe damage (such as those made for sinks).

Toilet Keeps Running—a “running toilet”  is often caused by a bad flapper seat that isn’t plugging securely over the drain hole. An easy fix is to clean or replace the flapper seat.

Weak Flush—this can be caused by clogged holes underneath the toilet bowl’s rim. Use a coat hanger or other curved piece of wire to gently clear each flush hole.

Time to Replace

Repeated Clogging—if your toilet clogs frequently or if multiple components of your toilet are breaking down, it may be a signal to replace the entire receptacle. Repeated clogging may be caused by a lack of flushing power—something seen in toilets with older low-flush technology.

Cracks in the toilet—a break down in the porcelain in the tank or bowl can eventually lead to leaks. Once a leak begins, particularly in the tank, it is difficult to repair.

Water savings—newer toilets are much more efficient than older ones, saving homeowners money and preserving resources. According to the EPA, replacing a pre-1980 toilet with a high performance option saves a homeowner 3,000 gallons of water every year, $110 per year in water costs and $2,200 over the life of the toilet.

Aesthetics and Comfort—a toilet is used often. It should be pleasing and comfortable. If your toilet color or style hopelessly clashes with your bathroom scheme, or if the toilet itself is uncomfortably low or high, it’s worthwhile to consider replacing.

If you’re considering repairing or replacing your toilet, talk with the experts at NC Plumbing Services. Our professional plumbers will help you review options and determine the best solution, respectful of your needs and budget. For more information, or a quote, please call 919-868-3585.