Plumbing Leaks and Pests

As the summer months are upon us, we have all seen a surge of pests.  From in the yard swatting at mosquitos to the notice of more spiders and cockroaches around the home – we live in an environment full of pests.  The presence of moisture and pests have a direct correlation!  Abrupt pest sightings do not always mean a leak but becoming vigilant when sighting pests near certain areas may help prevent a bigger plumbing and pest issue later.

Silverfish, cockroaches, mice, mosquitos, termites and carpenter ants are just a few of the pests you should keep an eye out for.  The following areas should be routinely checked for moisture and if present, dealt with as soon as possible.

Water utilizing appliances: Dishwashers, freezers and washing machines all have some sort of water system that can come loose, become faulty or leak.  Checking for pools of water routinely will help catch a small leak before major damage is done.

Basements and crawlspaces: These areas are prone to moisture and can create the perfect habitat for pests.  Along with pest removal being an inconvenience, mold is also a concern in our area.  Make sure to check frequently for any signs of high moisture such as pooling water, drips, water stains in finished basements and an increase in pests.

Faucets and sinks: Ensure that plumbing underneath sinks are checked periodically.  A small drip can turn into a huge issue quick in these areas.  Always ensure that your faucet is functioning correctly and that when turned to the off position, has no dripping water.

Plumbing seals:  Who knew that plumbing could be the reason for your pest issue? Make sure that all plumbing seals are installed correctly without any gaps or loose fittings.

Above all, be vigilant with your home maintenance and do a whole home walk through to check that everything is working as it should., LLC has a plumbing inspection service as well as a membership plan that can help find and deal with minor issues before they become a huge hassle. is a division of We proudly serve our residential and commercial customers is the Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. Give us a call today at (919) 868-3585.