Help! My Drains Keep Getting Clogged!

Wondering why your drain keeps getting clogged?  Here are 3 common causes for clogs and drain backups with tips on how to avoid costly repairs.

A common household plumbing issue is clogged drains. Whether it is kitchen or bathroom drains, they have one thing that pieces them together: Drains. Drains can get clogged very easily and certainly cannot unclog themselves. Whether your drains are old or new you want them to stay clear and flow freely.

  1. Improperly using your disposer. At your kitchen sink, large amounts of food can get trapped in the disposer and subsequently, the drains. It is extremely important that even with a garbage disposal large amounts of food should not go down in your disposal all at once. If disposing food down your disposer, dispose little by little in small portions with hot water running after each portion.  Eggshells, stringy food like corn husks, and bones should never go down the disposer.  For those without a disposer, to keep that food clear from the drain, a strainer would be recommended for catching any food then disposing in a trash can. One way to determine if your kitchen drain is becoming clogged would be an unpleasant odor.  Any odor coming from a drain can indicate raw, rotting food or other items are stuck in the pipes preventing proper drainage.
  2. Hair and soap buildup in bathroom drains. A common thing that gets trapped in the bathroom tub, shower, and bathroom sink drains is hair and soap buildup. No one will ever admit they love pulling their own or someone else’s hair from a drain. Drain grids and stoppers are a fairly inexpensive way to reduce the likelihood of hair and other small items going down and clogging the drains. If the drains start draining slower than normal, try removing the hair with needle nose pliers. Some store bought drain cleaners may work to help dissolve hair and soap, but could also damage drains and are a dangerous chemical.
  3. Old or damaged drains. Old drains can collapse, breech, or develop rough surfaces that catch paper products as they travel through the system. Planting trees and bushes in the proximity of your drain lines can cause your drains to breech. When a breach occurs, roots from your beautiful plants can begin to grow in the drains, restricting the flow and causing backups in your home. A qualified plumber can help you determine if it is time to consider repair or replacement of your drains.

Overall, it is important not to over-stress your drain system and follow simple steps to help reduce a problem from occurring. provides full residential plumbing services to help you when you need it. Additionally, a plumbing maintenance plan is a good way to keep on top of possible problems before they get out of hand. Serving Raleigh and the surrounding areas, and our multiple divisions including,, and can help to keep your home in top shape! Reach us today at (919) 868-3585.