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Some toilet cleaning agents can cause damage! toilettips

It is recommended by most plumbers not to use in-tank toilet cleaners.  Toilet manufacturers will void warranties if these products are used and for good reason.  Even though there are a variety of products out there, the most commonly known are the BLUE tablets, that claim to keep your toilet clean and fresh, nearly all of these will cause damage to the parts in your toilet tank.  The majority of these products are chlorine based which is corrosive, particularly when it comes to rubber parts.  The toilet tank has multiple rubber based seals, all of which can be damaged by in tank cleaners.  The fill valve, flush valve, and tank to bowl bolts all use rubber washers which can and will leak from chlorine damage.

Toilet bowl cleaners that hang on the edge of the bowl or use a drip line with a container mounted to the outside of the tank are perfectly fine for daily use.

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