Conserve Water and Save On Your Plumbing

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”Benjamin Franklin

You’ve probably told your roommate, spouse or child many times over to conserve water. Don’t run water while brushing teeth, set timers on sprinklers, make sure faucets aren’t dripping, etc etc. In a perfect world they will abide by your requests (they call it “nagging”, you call it “patiently persistent”), but of course we don’t live in a perfect world. So how does everyone in your household get on the water conservation train? You do what ol’ Ben Franklin suggested-get them involved.

Most households treat the water bill as a set cost that’s not controllable. Not necessarily. While our households need water, we can control how much we use and help keep your water bill low. The water bill you receive every month includes your usage. Put the bill on your refrigerator and highlight the usage. Let everyone in the household know it’s their goal to lower the usage. Then post these simple things everyone can do to achieve the goal:

  1. Take shorter showers-A four minute shower uses around 20 to 40 gallons of water. Think you could shave one minute off your shower? Keep an egg timer in the bathroom and try. If you can’t do in in three minutes and only three and half, it least you shaved 30 seconds and those seconds add up.
  2. Less is more-You probably heard of folks cleaning before the maid comes. That’s what you’re doing when your pre-rising dishes before they go in the washer. Let the machine and soap do their job and avoid wasting water. As far as clothes washers, skip the permanent press cycle. This cycle is unnecessary and uses an extra five gallons for an extra rinse that is not necessary.
  3. Keep a water bottle(s)-You’re wasting water every time you’re running tap water, waiting for it to be cool for drinking water. Store drinking water in your refrigerator in a drinking bottle(s).

Follow these tips and  when the water bill comes next month, post it on the fridge, highlight the usage and calculate how much you saved from the previous month. The rest of the household can see the results of their efforts and thus gain a sense of accomplishment. You conserved water and saved my money by getting everyone involved.

Now that you’ve eliminated the waste, you can think about conserving and saving even more money. Our skilled plumbers can repair your plumbing leaks and provide you ways to conserve at a price that respects your budget. Call NC Plumbing Services at 919-868-3585 to take care of your plumbing needs in the Raleigh area.