How To Get The Most Out of Your Small Bathroom

Did you just recently purchase a home and aren’t too in love with the smaller bathroom? Or maybe you’re just looking to give a face lift to the bathroom in your current house. It’s not surprise that the growing trend for bathrooms, as seen on TV and elsewhere, that large, open bathrooms seem to be the apple of every homebuyer’s eye.

While the average American doesn’t have the ability or backing to knock out some walls and really “open up” their bathrooms, they do have tools and resources available to them to get the most out of their small bathroom when they remodel. Whether it be the master, a guest, or a half bath, there are many tips to lean on in order to turn your bathroom into your own little slice of paradise.

  • Paint – Often the first decision in the remodeling process, paint can make or break a room. For a small bathroom, one might be tempted to use a darker color, but studies show that using a couple fresh coats of a light paint will really open up a bathroom, especially one with a window.

  • Wallpaper – If painting is not your style and you’re looking for something a little different, striped wallpaper has been proven to give smaller rooms more of an open feel.

  • Console and Petite Vanities– While most traditional bathrooms have the larger portion of their floor plan taken up by bulky cabinetry, one may want to try removing those cabinets and replacing them with a console or petite vanity. This will open up more floor space, giving your bathroom much needed breathing room, and it’s also pretty fun to knock those cabinets out.

  • Medicine Cabinets – While cabinetry is a definite no-no for a small bathroom, a simple way to get more storage space is by adding a medicine cabinet coupled with your mirror. This vintage look will not only be trendy, but functional as remodelers can store necessary toiletries in a private manner behind the mirror.

  • Storage Racks – One problem with smaller bathrooms is the lack of a linen closet or any proper storage for towels and other toiletries. This can be easily solved by adding storage racks behind the door of your bathroom and above the toilet. These are space saving and trendy ways to get more out of your bathrooms size.

  • Lighting – Lighting can make or break a bathroom, especially if that bathroom is without a window. A classy overhead light, coupled with wall sconces can give any bathroom a bigger feel. Adding a dimmer switch to those lights can also help remodelers add a touch of class to their lighting.

  • Shower Caddy & Oval Shower Rod – One way to up the in-shower experience for ones new bathroom is to add a shower caddy and oval shower rod. Moving shower accessories to a hanging position and expanding the shower space will make any remodeler feel like they knocked out a wall in their shower.

  • Glass Shower Doors – If your shower requires doors or you’re looking for something more than a curtain, another way to open up space is by placing frosted glass shower doors in place of a curtain. The glass will give a transparent and open feel to your small bathroom, while the frosted glass will provide the necessary privacy come shower time.