Bathroom & Plumbing Remodeling in the Winter

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As the leaves fall and the North Carolina air turns brisk, homeowners’ minds naturally turn to…remodeling?

Home improvement projects are often seen as To Do’s best accomplished from spring to fall. But it can be very advantageous to take on a remodeling project in winter.

While it gets cold in the Raleigh area, we rarely get buried in snow or have to hibernate because of an arctic blast—facts that make it even easier to consider starting a home repair or update. But even in harsher climates, winter can still be a great time for some home remodeling projects.

Contractors are typically very busy in the summer. During winter, they have more down time and can be receptive to new work. This means it may be easier to schedule a remodel and that contractor prices may be more competitive. Getting approvals and permits may be easier because the volume of applicants is lower.

Consider these home improvements:

  • Home remodeling that yields immediate benefits. Projects that improve insulation are a good idea, even starting in winter. Installing insulation, weatherization, adding new windows, doors or siding are short-term projects but may immediately impact your heating bill and comfort in a good way.
  • Hardwood flooring installation.  Traditionally, this was a project saved for warmer weather when windows could be opened to release the dust and fumes. But newer technology and products make clean up easier. In addition, decreased humidity and the dry, cold air make installation smoother.
  • Basement remodeling. With most of the work done indoors, you won’t have to open your home to the elements, as you would in a roof repair. And, once the work is complete, you’ll have an additional living space to enjoy, even during the long winter nights.
  • Bathroom remodeling.  Whether you’re adding a bathroom to your basement or finally creating that spa-like master retreat you’ve been wanting, a bathroom remodel can be temporarily painful, but once done, can provide daily benefits from your investment.

If you’re considering a project that involves plumbing—a new or updated bathroom, a kitchen remodel or a new hot water system, give us a call. Our skilled plumbers provide expert advice and service at a price that respects your budget. Call NC Plumbing Services at 919-868-3585 to get your winter home improvement underway.