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Conserve Water and Save On Your Plumbing

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”― Benjamin Franklin You’ve probably told your roommate, spouse or child many times over to conserve water. Don’t run water while brushing teeth, set timers on sprinklers, make sure faucets aren’t dripping, etc etc. In a perfect world they will abide by ... More

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Faucet leaks can cost you big time, save money and conserve

You don’t think about your home’s utilities as being a “controllable cost” on your household budget. You probably just chalk up water and electricity as fixed costs. Utilities are actually very controllable if you make an effort to conserve. But before you starting thinking about ways to conserve, you must eliminate the waste, and ... More

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Plumber Pricing in Raleigh

We’ve all heard the adage: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s particularly the case when customers search for a plumber. Often, these customers are desperate. A water heater is leaking all over the basement or a kitchen pipe is frozen or a toilet is backed up. When you need a plumber for an emergency, most people ... More

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Bathroom Fixture Repair Basics

There are a number of important things parents often teach their children. These lessons will be carried on throughout a lifetime, such as how to throw a ball, how to jump-start a car or how to fix a dripping faucet. NC Plumbing Services believes everyone should know how to repair basic plumbing issues. Here’s the solution to three common ... More

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6 Plumbing Problems That Require a Professional

Even the most experienced do-it-yourselfers may find a home repair or improvement requires the skills of a professional plumber. For most of us who are less handy, it’s even more important to recognize the types of jobs that are likely to require a plumber—before getting in over our heads. Low water pressure in the house. As opposed ... More

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Bathroom & Plumbing Remodeling in the Winter

As the leaves fall and the North Carolina air turns brisk, homeowners’ minds naturally turn to…remodeling? Home improvement projects are often seen as To Do’s best accomplished from spring to fall. But it can be very advantageous to take on a remodeling project in winter. While it gets cold in the Raleigh area, we rarely get ... More

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Why Use a French Drain for Your Basement or Lawn

If you have a persistently soggy spot on your lawn or a wet area in your basement, a French drain may be the solution. Excessive rainfall or poor drainage can cause water to build up, usually in the lowest lying areas. When this area is your lawn, the ponding of water can promote rapid weed growth, increase the likelihood of fungus and ... More

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Keeping Your Basement Dry with a Sump Pump

Is the basement dry? That’s a question Raleigh area homeowners have been asking, especially after October’s historic soaking. When rain builds up faster than the ground can absorb it, water can flood into your house, starting at the lowest level, which is the basement. If your basement gets damp or floods after a hard rain or after the ... More

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24/7 Plumber in Raleigh for emergency plumbing

A 24 hour Plumber in Raleigh? Wouldn’t it be nice if we got a message in advance that the dishwasher was going to clog and flood all over the kitchen—the night before Thanksgiving? Or that the hot water heater would flood the basement, leaving a watery mess—and no hot water, just time for the weekend visit from the in-laws? Unfort... More

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Clogged Drain in Raleigh — D.I.Y. or Call a Plumber?

Clogged drain in the Raleigh area? Sometimes you can tell it’s coming. The water in the shower takes longer and longer to drain. But sometimes, it catches you by surprise. The toilet suddenly backs up—typically while you’re preparing for guests. What Causes Clogged Drains? Most drain clogs result from debris that accumulates in ... More